Arrgh! We Be Back for More!

Today was scheduled to be the wedding day of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. But before the ceremony, the bride and groom were arrested by order of Lord Cutler Beckett. 

Elizabeth clapped in prison, while Will was brought before Beckett. They appear to have been imprisoned for aiding and abetting a well-known pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Since Will and Jack were very close, Beckett decided to strike a deal. He tells Will to find Jack Sparrow and get his compass in exchange for freedom. 

Meanwhile, Captain Sparrow reunites with Jozami Gibbs and the rest of his crew aboard the Black Pearl. They were now searching for the greatest treasure in the history of the sea: a chest owned by Davy Jones himself. 

But first, they must find one extremely important tool to aid them in their quest: the key to opening the chest. Later that night, Jack meets a suspicious stowaway. 

It was none other than the mutated form of "Bootstrap" Bill Turner, Will's lost father. Bill Jack warns of Davy Jones, as well as something much more deadly and dangerous... 

the ocean's biggest monster: the kraken.

After a long search, Will spies the Black Pearl on a tropical island. He goes ashore to find that Jack Sparrow has been taken over by a tribe of primitive warriors, who claim Jack is their god. 

Jack plays his men by locking Will in a hanging cage with the rest of his crew. 

Jack seemed to have made it, though he was unaware of the fate that lay in store for him: the tribe had to release the god within by destroying his mortal outward appearance... 

Jack realized this when they tied him with a spit over what would soon become a roaring fire; Will, Gibbs, and the rest of the men band together to save themselves. 

It was a generous effort, and a few men lost their lives, but were finally free, and Jack also managed to free himself from a dilemma, and after they were reunited, they climbed aboard the Black Pearl and set sail, leaving far too many behind. 

An angry and deceived tribe. Captain Jack wants to continue his search for the key to Davy Jones' chest, so he searches for his alleged old girlfriend: Tia Dalma. 

They find it in a secluded swamp. She tells them where to find the key: aboard Davy Jones' ship, The Flying Dutchman. So, they set out to find the Flying Dutchman, sticking to secluded waters, to avoid... The Cracken.

When they finally spot the Flying Dutchman, Will goes on the plane alone to check it out first, when he is suddenly kidnapped by an assorted crew of half-man, half-sea creatures, including the squid head himself, Captain Davy Jones! It also appears that Jack Sparrow has debts with Jones that have yet to be settled: he owes him his soul. 

Jones asks Jack to bring him an extra 99 souls, while Will remains captive to the Dutchman, Jack, Gibbs and Pearl's crew dragging Tortuga, an unnatural pirate hanging around, to do some soul searching. 

Back in the Dutchman, Will meets his father and learns the secret of Davy Jones' chest: after a heart-breaking affair, Jones has actually cut his own heart and locked it in his chest. 

Whoever has his heart can either kill Jones or control him. 

He wanted to kill him, but Jack wanted the heart to take hold of him; Unbeknownst to the gang, Elizabeth had escaped from prison and had been following them the whole time; Reunited, Will and Jack pursue Davy Jones' Box.

 Unfortunately, Jack's old opponent, Lord Norrington, was also chasing after the chest, and thus a three-way sword fight began. 

Even worse, Davy Jones and his gang of scurvy dogs have arrived, too. Jack takes the key from Will, opens the chest and removes the heart. 

Norrington continues to fight Will and Jack and secretly hits the heart, Davy Jones and his crew escape, delivering the heart to Lord Beckett! As for Davy Jones, he and his crew sailed the Flying Dutchman with an empty chest; Jack, Will, Elizabeth and the crew of the Black Pearl set sail and soon find themselves wrapped in the claws of a hungry Cracken. 

They tried to fight the monster, but the attempts were unsuccessful. Elizabeth knew that the monster was really after Jack, so she tied him to the mast and escaped with Will and the crew. 

As for Captain Jack Sparrow, he had a good fight, but in the manner of a true hero, he allowed himself, and the pearl, to be taken... He was a decent man after all. 

They visit Tia Dalma again, who tells us of a possible way to get Jack back, but that would require sailing to the end of the world. They were prepared, so Dalma appointed a familiar captain to guide them. They couldn't believe who it was! Follow...

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