Spider-Man (2002) - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!


One of the most successful superhero films of all time, "Spider-Man" is a superhero movie based on one of Stan Lee's most popular Marvel comics, and became one of the first films to have the highest opening weekend at the box office. No wonder, because this is an exciting and fun gif. 

One of my childhood favorites, to be exact! This film tells the original story of Peter Parker, or Spider-Man, portrayed by Tobey Maguire, who gained extraordinary powers to climb walls, shoot a web, and strike bad guys after being bitten by a radioactive spider. 

But all of that must be put to the test when Parker must defeat one of the world's foremost villains in the Spider-Man world, the Green Goblin, portrayed by Willem Dafoe. 

Although Maguire has been rather cute in a few of his films, I respect that he fits in perfectly with the role of Peter Parker, playing a shy kid, with no powers to beat the bad guy or win the girl. 

Although Kirsten Dunst gave off some of the coolest dial lines in this movie, she makes a great picture as Mary Jane Watson, while giving off great chemistry with her co-star. 

But, Willem Dafoe seems to have erred a bit wrong in playing the deadly green sprite, feeling like he's fit for drama rather than action. Rosemary Harris, James Franco, Cliff Robertson, J. 

Putting together a supporting cast, Simmons puts on some memorable performances on screen, especially Simmons, who steals every scene in which he's as J. 

Jonah Jameson, the grumpy editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle. There are a few goofy and goofy moments here and there, but that doesn't stop the exciting momentum this movie brings. 

Filled with impressive visual effects and a brilliant musical score by Danny Elfman, Director Sam Raimi perfectly preserves the original Spider-Man concept, offers plenty of exciting action sequences that are fun to watch, and stays true to the plot. 

Behind The Dark Knight and The Avengers, Spider-Man is probably my third favorite superhero movie. I can watch this movie over and over again, and it's still a fun time. I was easily impressed by this movie, and the entertainment never disappointed me. 

Everyone will surely find something to enjoy. "Spider-Man," in my review, is "a refreshing story, and a thrilling action."

DVD review - yep, definitely a fun movie, and a great DVD to own.

The "Spider-Man" DVD was released Friday, contrary to usual tradition. At around $15 almost everywhere, for a 2-disc set, it was a deal too good to be missed. 

I hadn't seen the movie in theaters, so this was my first time watching. An entertaining movie for sure, with a good mix of action and budding romance, The Beginnings of Spider-Man. 

Although I was a big fan of Superman as a kid, I also have good memories of the Spider-Man comics, and this movie is very loyal.

NO SPOILERS HERE - This 2-disc DVD set is one of the best. 

The image itself is very sharp, and very colourful, with a very clear and dynamic Dolby 5.1 soundtrack. Ambient sound subtly complements the picture, so that the viewer appears in the middle of the action.

 ** POINT ** - As I've explained in other reviews, anyone who still watches movies at home on VHS needs to get rid of them now! It's a different movie on DVD, the picture quality, the sound quality, not to mention all the extras. With a wide screen TV, it's like being in a theater.

Extras - In addition to the movie, the first disc has a feature that pops up a spider icon in certain places which, when 'clicked', takes you to a brief 'compose' segment of that scene, then jumps you back to a movie. 

Plus, there are two different reviews to select for anyone who likes to re-watch a movie and hear what went into the making of it.

The second disc is entirely devoted to "extras," such as screen tests, the HBO special, and other aspects of making "Spider-Man." Also included is an archive of Spider-Man comics covers from the 1960s to date, grouped by decade, and script to summarize the core story of each issue. A "must have" for all Spider-Man comics fans.

There have been a few user reviews on IMDb, usually very short, that throw this movie away and might say something like "Avoid this movie". 

Be certain that these reviews are "fake", written for a deceptive purpose, I don't know why. For anyone who enjoys any kind of fantasy action movie with a good message, "Spider-Man" is a "must watch."

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