"You better start believing in ghost stories. You're in one."


What a great line to describe perhaps the greatest pirate movie ever made. Sure, it's not perfect, a little over the top, but it's full of characters you either love to hate or can't resist rooting for. 

Thanks to Johnny Depp's performance as Captain Jack Sparrow, this became a long-running Disney franchise and many of the sequels that followed aren't as good, Jack staying consistently strong in the ones where he's got a great opportunity to show off his huge talents.

Johnny was justifiably nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in this film, aptly supported by Geoffrey Rush as ghostly Captain Barbarossa, Orlando Bloom as Will Turner (he grew up as a pirate until he was rescued at sea as a child), and Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of Governor of the Caribbean island.

In his performance, Depp offers many insights into the true character of Jack Sparrow, discussing whether he was just a drunk eccentric or perhaps gay or bisexual. 

Sure, the slaps he received from various women throughout the film discusses the second point, but other hints suggest that he had an activism. Sparrow and Turner initially compete until they unite to rescue Elizabeth, who has been kidnapped by Barbarossa. You go into a spooky sequence when you know who they really are, and that brings great horror elements into the movie.

Fans of Disneyland rides will be pleasantly surprised to see various elements of it from a drunken man sleeping with cards, or imprisoned men trying to get a dog to fetch the key or various fights at sea. 

It's posted throughout the movie so you don't feel like you're taking a ride and back on a plot, so it makes for a treat for experienced passengers of this attraction when it pops up.

Gorgeous makeup, costumes, photography and music add to the exciting performances. 

This takes the best elements from all of the classic pirate movies (from "Treasure Island" to "Captain Kidd") and really adds violence, filth, and rudeness, but somehow, some pirates (especially Sparrow) are totally lovable in a weird way. 

This is a non-stop action, full of physical and verbal humor, some of which despite the lack of manners in the characters is refined subtlety. 

I can see myself coming back to this every two years because for sure, like a trip to Disney, it's a trip you don't want to miss when you get the chance.

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