Andy Muschietti Tries to Explain How 'The Flash' Is Connected to the DCU

When it comes to movies that have been hyped and surrounded by some degree of controversy, The Flash tops the list. Ezra Miller's telling of his own standalone film on Barry Allen has been filled with less-than-favorable news, all centered around the film's star. But on the plus side, the film itself is bringing Michael Keaton back into the world of DC Comics as Bruce Wayne, we have an amazing Supergirl in Sasha Calle, and it's a movie that Warner Bros. continues to promote. is above

But one question remains: Is The Flash part of the plan for the upcoming change in the DC universe? Dubbed the DCU by heads James Gunn and Peter Safran, the pair plan to try to "fix" the wrongs of what was previously known as the DCEU. Which means a lot of "housecleaning" and what we thought we knew about our favorite DC characters and stories. For better or for worse. And one of the few remaining projects to come includes The Flash.

While we don't know exactly how they'll bridge the gap between prior DCEU projects and the new, more cohesive DCU, Gunn has previously said that The Flash will "reset everything." At a screening in Los Angeles that was attended by Collider's Therese Laxon, we got to hear Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti talk about the future of the DCU, where The Flash falls, and whether or not they'll have more stories in the future .

Now: The answer to where this movie falls in the DCEU vs. DCU favor is still unknown. But that doesn't mean that their conversation didn't tell us anything about where the film could take Barry Allen's character and his future in the newly established DCU.

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