Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Rumor Leaks Villains and Much More

A new Marvel Spider-Man 2 rumor is making the rounds, despite coming from a questionable source, and if it's true, it reveals some major story details about the sequel. We still don't know anything about a Spider-Man sequel, despite it being revealed a few years ago and despite it being targeted for a September release. When this will change remains to be seen, but the longer the information drought lasts, the more rumors about the game emerge. The latest comes from 4chan and claims to have the scoop on the game's story, which means beware as there are potential story spoilers ahead.

Rumored to be, the game begins with Peter and Miles out in the open trying to hunt down a serial killer. The catch is that Yuri is the serial killer from the first game and has been killing bad guys in the name of justice. It is during these missions that there is supposed to be a tension between Peter and Miles, as Peter tells Miles to drop it given the dangerous nature of the investigation. This clearly foreshadows the conflict between the two later in the game.

The rumor continues to claim that Peter finds the symbiote when Harry comes home from "Europe" and then sneaks it into MJ's purse and then later onto Peter. Shortly after gaining his black suit powers, Peter defeats Yuri with the help of Miles, ending the game's first act.

The next act begins with Osborn hiring Kraven to kill Peter and Miles, as he is also concerned about Peter's newfound powers and Miles' electrical powers. Things are not going well for Kraven, who quickly turns to brutal tactics, going rogue in the process before being defeated. After defeating Kraven, Miles and Peter go to the classic bell tower to get rid of the suit, while Kraven escapes.

"[The] suit bonds with Eddie Brock," the rumor continues. "Eddie is a repeatable playable character in the game with MJ, like without the stealth and more action and puzzles and photography stuff."

Apparently, during one of these sections of the game, the black suit Spider-Man gets into a fight with Eddie and messes him up, which in turn makes Eddie hate Peter, with whom "his Bad history too." That said, Kraven begins hunting Venom, thinking he is Spider-Man, which leads to Venom killing Kraven, and eating his head.

Somehow, Venom ends up kidnapping Mary Jane, forcing Peter and Miles to rescue her. During this, Osborn "gaslights" Harry to become the Green Goblin, and the game's final showdown is Peter and Miles fighting Venom and the Green Goblin. The former defeats the latter, making them good, and the four go after Osborn. At this point in the game, right at the end, Osborn kills his own son with an upgraded Green Goblin suit and takes the symbiote away from Eddie.

"Osborn kills his own son with an improved goblin suit and also forces the symbiote away from Eddie, the symbiote is like a container, [and] it falls off a roof and Eddie dives after it." Turns out, when they look over the edge neither can be seen," the rumor claims. The game ends with Peter proposing to MJ and she accepts.

The rumor spreads, with Mysterio mentioning Sandman, Big Wheel, Shocker, Paste Pot Pete, and Screwball as side villains in the game. Meanwhile, Doc Ock is also in the game, but only through an audio log cameo. A post-credits scene in which "the multiverse breaking open causes Spider-Verse events and a version of Spider-Gwen coming out of the portal confused" is also mentioned. Finally, while the rumor confirms that you play as Eddie in the game, this does not translate to playing as Venom.

Is any of this true? We don't know. It's making the rounds, and it sounds plausible, but it comes from an anonymous 4chan user. In the past, some of the biggest leaks have come from anonymous 4chan users, but even more hogwash has come from the site, so keep that in mind.

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